• Amulets: pieces of summer

    Pieces of summer is a collection of ten unique amulets reminiscent of our favourite summer symbols. These playful charms are double sided and crafted from recycled sterling silver. Designed to be worn in a multitude of ways, they come threaded onto reclaimed silk ribbon to allow for creative styling and never ending possibilities! You can add them to your favourite chain or charm bracelet, sew them onto clothing or wear in your hair.
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    Dream tee featuring treasures collected over the years and offering a glimpse into the life of a jeweller through things hoarded….

    Adorn yourself with the Paraphernalia T-shirt, featuring a treasure trove of jewels and found objects intricately arranged into a collage on the front of the garment. Each element is carefully curated and tells a story, from precious jewellery and vintage amulets, to sea shells, gemstones & more.

    The base of the T-Shirt is ‘India Ink Grey’ : a deep grey colour with a blue tint. Different enough to stand out from the crowd, yet it still goes with everything. The blue/grey is complemented by natural hues of the materials featured, including metal, stone and glass.

    Elevate your wardrobe with the Paraphaernalia T-shirt and spark conversations wherever you go!

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