the story

Dripped Goods is all about making things slowly and sustainably to cherish for a long, long time (hopefully a lifetime!) It is anti-fast fashion at its core and stands for quality and longevity, whilst still adding some fun into personal adornment.

Churning out products that only last a season or two is destructive, which is why these jewels are made to be loved and worn for years to come. Every piece of jewellery is carefully considered, designed to be gender neutral and can be worn by any body.

It is Dripped Goods mission to create unique wearables with minimal impact on our precious planet, it’s people and wildlife. In every aspect of the brand I endeavour to make ethical choices such as using recycled, recyclable or reusable materials from tools down to business cards, to minimise waste. As well as working with local British suppliers that treat their workers fairly, and using plant-based substances in the studio.

Making things to order and in (very) small batches means there can be a few weeks waiting time, but it ensures there’s zero waste and dead stock. I strongly believe that waiting a little while for something that you will treasure for life is no biggie, and actually makes it that bit more special when it does finally arrive. Slow isn’t a bad thing!