the founder

Dripped Goods was founded by Amy Flynn in 2020.

She grew up in Merseyside, England, and spent her childhood drawing and making things. She has always been drawn to fashion and accessories; her favourite thing to do is scour charity shops and car boot sales for treasures (on the lookout for the rare, obscure and imperfect).

She moved to London to study Jewellery design at London College of Fashion. The course enabled her to learn traditional fine jewellery making processes, as well as further her interest in non-traditional materials such as textiles. She developed skills in embellishment, fabric manipulation, and hand-embroidery techniques, often using salvaged materials. Her practice developed as an amalgamation of jewellery, clothing and accessories, drawing on elements from all fields. Amy graduated with first class honours in 2017.

Since graduating Amy has travelled and worked as a fashion and jewellery buyer in India, Morocco and Indonesia, which allowed her to see first-hand some of the realities of the fast fashion industry. This solidified her personal reasoning for buying second hand, limiting consumption and supporting small ethical brands.

Amy retuned to the UK in 2020 with a yearning to get back into the creative field. She had always dreamt of creating her own brand and seeing people wearing her designs, yet she was determined not to put anything out into the world that would end up in landfill or cause harm to people and the planet.

And so, Dripped Goods was born out of a desire to create unique precious jewels that don’t cost the earth (literally) and that you can keep on enjoying for the long run!