the making process

Dripped goods is based in Birkenhead, England; this is where the magic happens! Only a tiny handful of ideas ever make it to a fully formed piece of jewellery and here’s how:

Jewels are created using an ancient method called lost-wax casting that was used 6,000 years ago. Designs usually start out as a sketch or doodle and are translated into 3D form by hand carving from wax. It’s a slow and mindful process.

The wax ‘master’ can then be cast into metal, the original wax is lost in this process hence the name lost-wax casting. Finally, the silver replica is refined even further by hand finishing in my home studio. The hand-crafted nature of the jewellery means there can be slight variations and small imperfections in appearance, but this is part of their charm and should be celebrated, it’s all good!

All cast elements are produced from 100% recycled sterling silver.

The casting house I use is in England and is registered Fairtrade.

Why Recycled Silver

  • Also known as ‘Eco Silver’, it is 100% recycled, traceable and audited. The scrap metal is sourced from old jewellery and parts, as well as the medical, gift & electronic industries (so your new piece of jewellery could have been a circuit board in a previous life!)

  • It slows down the consumption of our planets finite natural resources and means less waste ends up in landfill

  • It eliminates the need for mining new metals, which is a destructive process to both the planet and the communities in the vicinity


transparency is important and there is one component for which I haven’t found a fully recycled source, these are hoops that I buy from a UK supplier. In the future I hope that every single part of Dripped Goods jewellery will be recycled.